Clothing solutions

Clothing is a basic necessity, it is our second skin. Clothing is one of the most intimate things we interact with in our daily lives.

When I started to design costumes for dancers, I realized how powerful movements can be. Moving bring us freedom and well-being. Moving, even a small part of our body, is a wonderful way of expressing and accepting who we are. Cloths made to ease movement are celebrating creative potential present in each one of us.

Move Ability provides clothing solutions for differently abled people (DAP) that answer an increasing need for ease of dressing and undressing.

Move Ability well designed clothes that participate in better self-esteem, develop confidence and also change the way people look at differently abled person.

Beside the products, Move Ability is also a social initiative, participating in the uplifting of needy community, promoting small local structures and craftsmanship and respect for the environment.

We have already initiated local projects:

  • Creativity workshop with children from an orphanage
  • Painting workshop for Environmental awareness with the children from our locality
  • Creative dance workshop with Woman shelters organizations
  • Street performance for Respect of Woman

In perspective:

  • Organize creative movement workshop with the institution we are going to work with for our pilot project.
  • Organize workshop on transforming existing clothes into adapted clothes.
  • Develop a network for differently abled people.

Move Ability, Clothing solutions

beautiful functional clothing !