Dance and Movement

Awaken your joy !


Dancing is a universal source of  pleasure since time immemorial !

When the body moves, the mind slows down, tensions untangled, energy can flow.

Dance therapy is about using our body as a way of expression :

  • To connect to our self and get to know our body
  • To blossom and open to others
  • To lighten professional and personal tensions


You are ?

A medical centre

The latest research in neuro-sciences is creating a bridge between Art and Sciences. It is now possible to measure the positive impact of artistic activities on brain development.

Promote complementarity !

Dance therapy is an additional tool helping in therapeutic process which focus

not on patient difficulty or disability but rather on movement expression- regardless of full or limited movement capacity, but maybe even more important for those with movement limitations. We can then define relevant and coherent objectives according to the patient’s needs, in various situations such as :

  • Hyperactivity
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Communication problem
  • Learning difficulty
  • Physical handicap
  • Autism
  • Psychotic population
  • Degenerative disease
Let us unite our capacities to help people in need !

A Corporate

A company and its success stories are made up of its people. A successful company knows that the wellbeing of its employees is the best source of productivity !

Interactive, dynamic, amazing experiences !

Conflicts, stress, race for more performance are few of many enterprise daily obstacles. Dancing can be an efficient solutions for :

  • Prevention and stress management
  • Increase our capacity to communicate better (speaking and listening)
  • Adapt to team work
  • Facilitate dialogue instead of confrontation
  • Stimulate innovative and creative dynamic
  • Increase motivation
Workshops can be designed according to your specific requirement.


Education / Childhood

Childhood experts recognize the importance of physical activities for brain development. Through dance and movement, children are stimulate on many levels :

  • Motor skill (coordination, amplitude, balance…)
  • Communication (propose, share, dare…)
  • Cognitive development (attention, memory, concentration…)
  • Symbolic representation (to imagine, choose, create…)

Teenage and Young adults

Dance is giving a space of freedom to express, share, listen, without any judgment. It is of great help for teenagers to go through all challenges  to become a responsible and autonomous adults.

Exemples of topics :

  • Find your place in the society
  • Increase self confidence
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Create a harmonious and balance relationship with your body
  • Find your way and build your professional future

Murielle Ikareth