Smile at life !

The common point between Joe Ikareth and his wife Murielle is the body !
While one dresses it up, the other makes it dance.
Both have the same aim : to make you feel beautiful, feel yourself !

Move Ability has two main branches:

  • Clothing solutions : for everyone and adaptable to special needs
  • Dance and Movement therapy: for all, at any age !

Empathy in Design

by Joe Ikareth at TEDxIIITD on June the 13th, 2018.

What We Do :

Movement and Creativity

  • Creative movement workshops with public of various age group and levels of society
  • Encourage everyone to connect with their body and heart
  • Explore the power of creativity


  • Design and adapt clothes
  • Stitching workshops to transform existing clothes


  • Awareness Program
  • Develop a network to share about disabilities issues and help families and helpers

Our latest clothes :

We have already initiated local projects :

Artistic workshops

Creativity workshop with children from an `Children`s Village` orphanage.

Creative Movement workshops

with student – also visually impaired-from department of Social Sciences, MGU University, Kottayam.

Painting workshops

for Environmental awareness with the children from the district of Kottayam, Kerala.

Workshops for women

Creative dance workshop with Woman shelters organizations and with Children`s Village orphanage, Pampady.

Street performance for Respect of Woman.

How a personal challenge was turned into a source of inspiration

NDTV News :

The story of Tilotama, a young girl born with upper body disability, who inspires her  parents to work towards changing the way we look at differently abled people.

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